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5 Things to Do in Struga

Struga is a small city that sits on Lake Ohrid about 15 kilometres to the north west of Ohrid. There aren’t many things to do in Struga and most people either come here on a day trip or don’t visit at all. We decided to spend two nights to see what the place was all […]

Recommendations on the Best Places to Visit in Moldova

Few people can point to this country on a map let alone have any idea of the best places to visit in Moldova. The lack of tourism, in our opinion, makes Moldova much more interesting and appealing to visit. Moldova is a former Soviet republic that hasn’t really changed much since Communism. And the country […]

Itching For Travel On Our Trip to Moldova

We spent just over a week on a trip to Moldova, the least visited country in Europe in July 2017. Our experience was positive. Moldova was awesome. The locals were helpful and going to one of the former Soviet Republics where very little has changed makes it an interesting destination to visit. We went to […]

How We Spent a Weekend Visiting Balti in Moldova

After spending just under a week in Chisinau, we decided to take a trip to Balti in Moldova (pronounced ‘Belts’). This is the second city, which is in the northern part of the country. We spent two nights here without seeing any other foreigner and had a great time. This article describes Balti in Moldova […]

The Bosnian Adventure Part 3: A Day Trip to Mostar

This is the story of our day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo in May 2017. I’m going to describe what the city is like and give you a few tips and suggestions for visiting the place. Read on and learn all about one of the most popular destinations in Bosnia. Why Visit Mostar: Mostar is […]

Exploring Romania Part 3: Our Quick Trip to Sibiu in Transylvania

After spending just under two weeks in Turda, it was time to continue our journey with a trip to Sibiu. The city itself is the 18th largest in Romania and has a population of 150,000 people. Sibiu is one of the many historical cities in Romania and was part of the seven walled cities of […]

The First Part of the Bosnian Adventure: Our Trip to Sarajevo

Not many people consider Bosnia as a tourist destination. In fact, most people who hear the name of this country instantly picture a war zone. But, this isn’t the case anymore. Bosnia is an up and coming place to visit, which has proved to be one our favourite countries. We spent 10 days in Belgrade […]

Bosnian Adventure Part 4: A Day Trip to Zenica-The Most Polluted City in Bosnia

Zenica, the fourth largest city in Bosnia, in probably one of the worst places that we’ve ever been to. This industrial city is extremely polluted and a thick chemical smoke lingers in the air 24/7. We lived in Ho Chi Minh City for four years and so know what it’s like to live around pollution, […]

What’s Banja Luka Like? The Final Part of Our Bosnian Adventure

If you’re looking to see what’s Banja Luka like in the Serbian part of Bosnia, look no further. We spent 10 days in this charming city in the northern part of the country. After a pretty dismal start from Zenica, the trip to Banja Luka turned out to be great. The Airbnb host was lovely, […]

Exploring Romania Part 2: The One Week Trip to Turda in Transylvania

After spending a few days in Cluj, we decided to take a one week trip to Turda. Turda is a small town with a lovely charm that’s about 60 kilometres from Cluj. The main attractions here are the Salt Mine, Castrul Roman Potaissa, and the History Museum. Most visit Turda on one a day trip […]

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